D’lites Jumbo Morph Lightup Magic (Thumbs Set, 2 Original Amazing Ultra Bright Light)


  • Set of Two Light Thumbs. Batteries are already installed!
  • D’Lite is safe to use and is RoHs compliant. It is made with materials that are environmentally friendly. D’Lite contains no Phthalates, which are known to upset the endocrine system.
  • Keep your magic secrets to anyone but another Magician.
  • Show your hands as empty – Always keep D´Lite shielded from your spectator’s view by not showing your open palms, especially when your hands are not moving.
  • Long lasting – Under normal usage, D’Lite will last for up to a year. Individual results may vary.


Imagine astounding your audience when you reach out your clearly empty hand to them then afterwards showing a glowing ball of Red light out of nowhere! More so, you can show the light from one hand to another and make it vanish and reappear. That would be an amazing thing to see!

D’lites is a staple item in the realm of professional magicians worldwide. It’s also easy and simple to perform.

Entertain for hours … You will absolutely amaze everyone with D’Lites. From children to seniors, it’s easy magic that anyone can do.


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