Kermit’s Double Strength Key Lime – Juice 16 oz (like getting 32 OZ)


  • Made with 100% Natural Key Lime Juice. It doesn’t get any more authentic than this!
  • Kermit’s Key Lime Pie has been named “The Best” by travellers, food critics, and grandmothers everywhere.
  • Our pie recipe is no secret… in fact, it’s printed right on the bottle! Kermit’s Key Lime Juice is double-strength, (which means you use half as much than the other brands) creating a firmer, more dense pie.
  • Also delicious in ceviche, and countless other food and beverage recipes.
  • Kitchen Hint: Key Lime Juice can be frozen for up to a year or more in 1/2 cup quantities that are the perfect size for 1 pie.


Use Kermit’s Key West Key Lime Shoppe® Juice to create your own award-winning Key Lime Pie!


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