Montana Huckleberry BBQ Sauce Western – Gourmet 12 oz


  • PRIZED WILD BERRIES: Huckleberries are plump, purple berries that grow WILD in the Mountains, and are sustainablly handpicked – Wild Huckleberries are smaller than a cultivated Blueberry and have a more intense taste
  • BURSTING WITH REAL Wild Huckleberries! Elegant gourmet and a great for Gift Giving. Enjoy this Made-in-Montana treat! Elegant gourmet – A great product for Gift Giving
  • FDA INSPECTED FACILITIES and is 100% Homemade in Montana
  • BBQ Sauce is a Sweet Style sauce. It delivers an exciting sweetness to keep you interested.
  • INGREDIENTS: Tomatoes – Hucklebe – water, sugar, Worcestershire – natural grape juice – onion, garlic, lemon, mustard and ginger


Montana Bounty Foods started the business over 18 years ago with a few products and a big dream. The recipes were created through providing guests at their Ranch wholesome, tasty, nutritious meals – both in the dining room and on the trail – during pack trips into the wilderness, and for cattle and horse drives! Since then, they’ve created hundreds of products:COFFEE, COCOA, CHOKECHERRY AND HUCKLEBERRY TEAS, JAMS, JELLIES, PRESERVES, BREADS, BISCOTTIS, SYRUPS, HONEY, BBQ SAUCES AND VINAIGRETTES.

They have won awards for their Deep-Pit Seasoning and Indian Fry Bread and continue to develop meaningful and tasty new items for their customers. Montana Bounty Foods Ranch is located just outside of Kalispell, Montana called the Lonesome Dove Guest Ranch.

Montana Bounty Foods Ranch is located just outside of Kalispell, Montana called the Lonesome Dove Guest Ranch. Stop by and say hello to our Buffalo – Tom-Tom!

We are a real working guest ranch and would love to have you stop by for a visit! Featuring a Bed & Breakfast and offering incredible trail rides and a wonderful Montana experience! 100% Handmade Yup, it’s a lot of work taking care of the Ranch and making this delicious food, but we LOVE it! Each product is put together at the Ranch.

The ingredients are measured out just right, and the finishing touches are all done by hand – from tying ribbons, placing the labels, and wrapping the product. They are a small, very hard-working bunch of Montanans!


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