Organic Haitian Coffee “Haitian Hound” A Direct Trade Smooth Dark Roasted Coffee


  • EXCEPTIONAL TASTE – Elements of Rich Cocoa and Toast with a Buttery Mouthfeel and Creamy Body. This Dark Roasted Coffee is slow roasted to caramelize the sugars that are naturally in the bean for a deep complex flavor.
  • GROWN IN HAITI – From the 1200 meter tall mountains of Dondon, Haiti these beans are grown, processed, and managed by local workers.
  • DIRECT TRADE – We pay the local farmers well above fair trade value for their exceptional crops.
  • HELPING LOCALS – The Haitian people are facing harsh times. By working with them to export their amazing beans we hope the help them recover and grow.


Cafe Kreyol’s flagship premium, dark roast. This BOLD dark roast is slow roasted and imparts notes of raw cocoa and sweet barley. Like Jamaican Blue coffee, it leaves nothing to the imagination with its robust and complex flavors all the while remaining true to the smooth, low acid coffee that makes Haitian coffee second to none.


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