Organic Haitian Coffee “Zombie Desert” A Direct Trade Smooth Medium Roasted Coffee


  • EXCEPTIONAL TASTE – Elements of Walnut and Nutmeg with a Buttery Mouth-feel and Creamy Body. This Medium Roasted Coffee is our best seller!!
  • GROWN IN HAITI – From the 1200 meter tall mountains of Dondon, Haiti these beans are grown, processed, and managed by local workers.
  • DIRECT TRADE – We pay the local farmers well above fair trade value for their exceptional crops.
  • HELPING LOCALS – The Haitian people are facing harsh times. By working with them to export their amazing beans we hope the help them recover and grow.


We named this roast after a valley in Haiti where urban legend holds that witches used to raise the dead to do their bidding. This roast level of premium, Haitian Blue produces a nutty and consistent taste that is truly exceptional. The Zombie Desert finishes off with a delicate cream and buttery mouth feel leaving you feeling like anything but a zombie! Like the Jamaican Blue coffee, our Haitian Blue is grown in island soil with very low acidity. This produces a very smooth and delicious coffee with taste profiles similar to Kona and Jamaican Blue.


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