Twisted Hot Sauce Peach Ghost – Pepper 5 FL OZ from Eddie Ojeda


  • Handcrafted, all natural creation from Twisted Sisters Lead Guitarist Eddie Ojeda ( Best selling album: Stay Hungry )
  • Packed with a Rock Star challenge of heat, Peach Carolina Reaper uses exclusive Carolina Reaper peppers developed by Smokin’ Ed of the Puckerbutt Pepper Company.
  • Sample Recipe: (Peach Reaper Pork Chops) ; Ingredients: 2 lbs Pork Loin Chops, 2 tbsps chopped shallots, 1 tbsp champagne vinegar, 2 tbsps Eddie Ojeda’s Peach Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce, Salt, Pepper
  • Instructions: Season pork chops with salt and pepper and grill thoroughly. Wisk together chop shallots, balsamic vinegar and Twisted Peach Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce. Baste pork chops with sauce and end of grilling and add additional sauce before serving.
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Eddie Ojeda’s creative and artistic talents are not limited to music. In March of 2013, he released a new Signature Hot Sauce, Ojeda’s Cherry Habanero Hand Crafted Hot Sauce. Eddie has been eating dark cherries for health reasons. His love for hot sauce and hot peppers rooted in his Latin upbringing, made it natural to “twist” those sweet and hot flavors into a delectable sauce. With the help of his friends Chef John Rizzotti, they created their first hot sauce flavor: “Cherry Habanero”. This brand new sauce won the 2014 First Place Scovie Award for the sweet/hot category! A winner!

The demand for the winning sauce exceeded expectations. Eddie found himself constantly fulfilling orders for his home-grown hot sauce business and had to rely on his son to pack the orders while he was away touring with Twisted Sister. After partnering with some friends, he has re-launched his brand of hand-crafted sauces with a rockin’ new label and name. “Eddie Ojeda’s Twisted Hot Sauce” in three bold flavors and three levels of heat!

The development of the brand ties in with Eddie’s custom black and red “bull’s eye” guitar that he is well-known for having while playing with Twisted Sister. This identity has become part of him and his brand, which tied in nicely with the identity of Eddie Ojeda’s Twisted Hot Sauce labels – allowing each color to represent the flavor of the fruit in the sauce. Eddie’s best bud, Dee Snider, the lead singer and front man of Twisted Sister, agreed to have his image on the bottle along with Eddie’s. This combination created an “In your Face” poppin label that is sure to stand out!


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